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Children 2 years of age


This nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment offers a developmentally appropriate program under the guidance of a trained Montessori teacher and trained Montessori assistant. The scientifically designed and prepared classroom is attractive, homelike, with child-size furnishings to help children do things for themselves, which builds self-confidence. The child is invited to explore this environment through his/her senses. Depending on the interest and skills of the children in the room, the trained teacher puts out work on the shelves that matches the needs of the children in the room to promote order, persistence, concentration, and independence.

In this environment, your child is assured of being exposed to "work" that fosters life-long skills. The social environment is a significant aspect of the toddler classroom. The teachers set the examples and provide opportunities for practice. The children learn how to take turns, respect others work, and develop language skills within an academic setting.

Another large part of the Toddler program is toilet training. As a child sees their friend using the toilet, they become interested and the whole procedure comes naturally. The toddler child is experiencing critical periods of development for acquiring language, coordination, and sense of order. A daily order of events provides consistency which is necessary for the toddlers to develop a sense of trust in them in the world. Above all, is the respect afforded to each child as an individual with his or her own timetable for learning.

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